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Strategy & Business Plan 2015 - 2020

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Mind the gap

A Community Chaplaincy team, a mix of professionals and trained volunteer supporters, gives time and shows care for the whole person.  The relationship begins with the prison walls, accompanies them through the prison gate on release, and supports them as they face the challenges of finding work and building new friendships.

behind bars

Just like Prison Chaplaincy, Community Chaplaincy works with all faiths or none. It bridges the gap between prison life and the outside. It links people who have offended with people who care and offers an alternative community to the community of crime.

People of faith often demonstrate a commitment that brings hope to people who have offended. Coming from varied backgrounds, they represent the diversity found in our communities. For some people, faith support and the link with a welcoming local faith community will make all the difference to their future.

Beyond the walls

Facts and figures

We respond to a challenge confirmed by the figures below and believe that well resourced Community Chaplaincy projects help people to take a new path

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